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Kyle Kost Basil
03 January 2016 @ 08:10 pm

Sempai/kouhai interactions were great, but still lacked some TOKIO/V6 moments

Oh yeah, and THIS

I'm not much a fan of Kamenashi but seeing Yamapi like this and them together again like this makes me so happy. Feels like the 20!Yamapi was just a yesterday, so many things have happened since then...


I didn't see this coming and there is nothing about this that I don't love, OK? Their relationship always makes me wonder. They've talked about/to each other frequently on magazines and I was just like, "How the heck that they could get on so well...?" And now a combi, totally a need! I'm so glad that they finally had a chance to do a performance together after all those years. Tacchon was so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh and Subaru from the West and Takky from the East reminds me of their Jrs days, haha. How time flies and things change

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Kyle Kost Basil
28 February 2015 @ 01:17 am
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Kyle Kost Basil
30 June 2014 @ 10:29 am
Teehee, I'm back to fangirling pre-debited Kisumai these days because I'm jobless ~

Well, it's been a very long time ~ since the last time I felt fangirling them so hard. Mostly, I like pre-debuted Kisumai, not the now-Kisumai, the atmosphere is different too, I guess because they're all grown-up and debuted. The thing I don't like the most after Kisumai gets debuted is that they are divided into two sub-groups and the four left is only backdancing, that's not how a group works. I loved HikaruGenji before I fancied Kisumai and they were two-groups combined too, they were distinguished by the clothes (like one group with a color and the other was different) and they had three members on the front too but back then I didn't feel like they were separated, maybe because I loved them so much. However with Kisumai I just get very irritated whenever I watch their perfs after-debuted, that's not the Kisumai I used to like as Jrs. That's not the group I cared the most among all the Jrs and that's sad. They changed too. Their clothings changed. Their hairstyles changed. And most of all, their music changed. Obviously, Kisumai has been known for the ability to sing various kinds of songs but they still have their own style for their songs. But after being debuted, their music changed to something that is not Kisumai anymore. Somehow it's fresher and more like for the young, not the kind of music a group at their age should sing. Of course, I'm in the position has no right to judge them or even Johnny-san but that's just sad sometimes when I look at all the changes after the debut. Well, but they're fine and new fans love them, that's good I think.

When I think back, even I'm a fan of Hikaru Genji, I like Arashi and Kanjani8 too but Kisumai (more likely Hirosuke) that makes me think that I wouldn't be who I am now without them xD I don't know, it's kind of weird for me to like a group like that. Precisely, my fondness went to HiroSuke first, then before I even realized it I'd a lot of stuff of Kisumai to watch and they became the the only Jrs group that I had a lot of stuff. I don't know, I don't like Tamamori at all and sometimes Senga or even Yokoo, I think mostly I like and care about Hirosuke but when I see the seven of them together, I really like it, despite not liking all the members, it's still good to see them together. I think that's how Kisumai is to me.

Furthermore, I think I met Kisumai at the time I needed someone the most xD That was when I was in the last year of high school and there were times I struggled a lot. Then one day, I listened to Smile and I felt like something eased my worries away. So that I'm always thankful to Kisumai and HiroSuke, lol. Even it was just a junior song that time but that was one of my most favorite JE songs ever, it was so gentle and so soothing. Even now, I don't think there are more JE songs that can make me feel like that xD And so many things happened between me and HiroSuke that made me who I am now. I wouldn't have gone this far without them that day. Sounds silly though.
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Kyle Kost Basil
17 April 2011 @ 09:01 pm
 nya ~ long time no see me here ^_^ it must be a year, right? But I feel like it's longer than a year, lol~

I no longer call myself a JE fangirl, I just keep saying I'm a former JE fan though I used to be a hardcore one, lol. The reason is I can't get along with some new so-called JE fangirls in my country and I don't like the way JE is more and more popular. Since the first time I knew them, I already thought that someday they would be as popular as Kpop in my country, but yeah it happens and I just can't stand. I can't stand the way those fangirls claim idols as theirs and the way they talk about JE. Plus, I'm annoyed when people keep comparing Kpop and Jpop since Kpop is dominating (? lol, I don't even care about Kpop) Jbiz and they say Jpop like saint music, while Kpop shit as hell. Well, to tell the truth, I listen to JE music (not Jpop, lol) just beacuse of my favorite boys, then, it's too meaningless to me when saying Jpop like saint music with beautiful lyrics or meaningful lyrics, blah blah blah. Sometimes, JE fangirls sound like Kpop fans and I don't know why they say bad things about Kpop. Don't they realize they're just the same?

ja~~~~~~~ stop ranting, I'm here today for Kanjuu fangirling x"DDDDDDDD Kanjuu has not much fans in my country then, I feel comfortable when loving them though sometimes, fangirl alone is so lonely~~ [in other words, I need someone to fangirl with me, lol]~

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Kyle Kost Basil
17 June 2010 @ 09:15 pm

Otanjoubi Omedetou <3 Kazunari Ninomiya-san

Since I couldn't be the 1st person who celebrate your birthday, I would like to be the last <3

It has been 3 years. What a long and beautiful time. I'm glad that I was in love with you.

Keep smiling and be happy neh ~

In my heart, you're always the cutest in the world <3

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Kyle Kost Basil
16 May 2010 @ 08:09 pm


Well, I thought about many things I should say on your birthday but my brain is blank now.

Otanjoubi Omedeto Tadayoshi ~

gloria jean. tiramisu. green tissue roses. rainy day ♥

may 16th is my favorite day in may ♥

I used to like to you a lot.

Be happy neh~ Keep smiling neh~

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Kyle Kost Basil
08 May 2010 @ 10:09 am
Because of Akasaka-san's 37th birthday, I'm gonna share some Hikaru Genji's old vids related to Akira X"3

I hope it's still May 8th in some countries X"D

Hope Akasaka-san had a great birthday :") He must be happy~ I always wish for his happiness ~

To download, plz click the title :"D

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p/s: cái này bằng vietnamese, các bạn đừng để ý, mình dở tiếng anh lắm nha =)) ko ngờ sau mấy tháng ngồi hớn Hetalia và nghe nhạc tiếng anh, mình vẫn nhớ chuẩn ko cần chỉnh mấy cái clip kia nha =)) phục mình wa' :"] mềnh hết là fan JE rời nha :"] dạo này mình ngu JE lắm, chả biết news gì hết đâu àh :"] lý do mình post entry này là vì 1 bạn add lj mình hôm qua :")

p/s 2: vì ở Việt nam là 9/5 nên mình chúc mừng sn bạn Yokoyama Yuu =)) và đầy tháng bạn Yamapi :"] mình đang cố nhớ sn bạn mình đã làm gì =)) omedetou ^^~

p/s 3: mình mới được biết là hình như hôm qua [8/5] cũng là ngày sinh nhật của Hidekaz Himaruya-san XD đó là người đã tạo nên vô số nhân vật làm máu sính ngoại mình tăng cao mấy tháng nay =)) Happy birthday <3 hãy chọi hints Nordic, plz ;__; và KorHong X"3 *hóc mỏ chờ* Edelswisssssssssss ;____;
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Kyle Kost Basil
31 December 2009 @ 09:36 am
Jaa~ the last day of year XD noo T-T


Kawaii deshou <3 I checked my photobucket account one day and I found something I uploaded for long time~ This is one of my fav which I edited by PS :"] I took the original from Hikaru Genji first concert, maybe Star Light performance. They were cute, weren't they <3 I miss them. That pic reminds me of some days last year~ Haa, how nostalgic~
Yup, as I also checked my MF folder, I found some links I uploaded but haven't posted anywhere. So that, I want to share them and spread Hikaru Genji love <3 Of course, they're old group but they're still loved by very young people nowadays X"3 like me :">

Another reason is I want to celebrate their 22nd anniversary ^^~ I know, It's too late but we're sitll in 2009 neh ^^~ I'm sad 'coz I have nothing for them T-T However, omedetou ~

Hope you guys like these clips ^^~

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p/s: gif my friend made for me to promote Akira/Atsuhiro <3 summer 2008 a~

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